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2012 Mongeard Mugneret Richebourg

Pinot Noir

750 ml

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The 2012 Mongeard Mugneret Richebourg 750 ml wine bottle is from the Grand Cru Richebourg appellation near the village of Vosne Romanee. From the winery: "The 'Robe', or color, is feminine, the nose masculine. The mouth is full of life with an incomparable richness, a generosity which is sometimes overwhelming. [To the eye,] everything depends on the vintage and the age of the bottle. A Richebourg can be a velvety ruby colour or a dark nocturnal red, shading towards blackish purple. The color is always intense and dense, luminous and shot through with gleams of carmine. [To the nose,] when young, this wine reveals aromas of musk and Russian leather, with touches of sandalwood. With age it acquires scents of hawthorn and peachblossom. Two aromatic families can be distinguished: hints of lichen, woodland undergrowth and mushrooms on the one hand, on the other the scent of cherries, blackcurrants, cooked or preserved fruits. [In the mouth,] when young this wine positively explodes, intense and violent. It needs to be allowed to age for several years, in the course of which will become expansive and warm. Elegant and racy, it is capable of a long life, and wines from the great vintages are superb, the very image of sensuous pleasure. They occasionally have more finesse than structure, but may conversely be massively fruity and enthusiastic, compact and muscular in temperament."

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