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Chateau Beauregard

posted by Karen Orlandi on August 9, 2016 in Wineries

Chateau Beauregard is a Right Bank, lighter and traditional style Pomerol red blend that has amazing red fruit characteristics. Unlike some other Bordeaux wines, this one is best enjoyed in its youth. The 2013 Beauregard Pomerol is now in stock, and let me tell you a little more about why you definitely want to purchase this wine to try at home!

Chateau Ausone

posted by Karen Orlandi on July 6, 2016 in Wineries

Chateau Ausone, named after an ancient Roman poet, Ausonius, dates back to at least 1592. Over the centuries it has been sold to and passed down through three families, but today it is owned by Alain Vauthier and his sister, Catherine. Alain's daughter, Pauline, has assisted in winemaking since 2005 and the famed Michel Rolland has consulted since 1995.

What is Calcareous Clay?

posted by Karen Orlandi on July 1, 2016 in Wine IQ

Many vineyard sites, especially the top tier french chateaux and domaines, describe their soil type as calcareous clay. Calcareous is actually an adjective meaning "mostly or partly composed of calcium carbonate." Other synonyms for calcium carbonate include lime or chalk. Due to the low acidity level of calcium carbonate, the calcareous clay soil is quite alkaline compared to other soil types. The biggest benefits of calcareous soil are the special nutrients it supplies to the grapes, which make them grow better and sweeter.


posted by Karen Orlandi on June 14, 2016 in Wineries

Bond Winery, owned by the same person, made in the same winery and managed by the same winemaking team as Harlan Estate, is Bill Harlan's expression of Grand Cru quality from terroirs outside of his Estate vineyard in Oakville. Currently, there are five different vineyards/terroirs that are under the Bond umbrella:


posted by Karen Orlandi on June 14, 2016 in Wineries

David Abreu grew up in the vineyard management world, learning from his father and grandfather as they perfected the art. After running a successful vineyard management firm that farmed and operated vineyards for the likes of Staglin, Araujo and Spottswoode, David Abreu started bottling his own label in 1987 with grapes from Madrona Ranch Vineyard. It was nearly all sold through a mailing list then, just as it is now. However, over the past three decades his winemaking success at Abreu Vineyards has skyrocketed.


posted by Karen Orlandi on June 7, 2016 in Wineries

There is a lot to know about the story behind Harlan Estate, the famed winery in the hills above Oakville, but the most interesting aspect is the story of Bill Harlan, himself.Harlan Estate The Maiden 2006 label shot

A Day With Women Winemakers

posted by Karen Orlandi on May 17, 2016 in Aabalatisms

Prior to attending the 2nd Annual Sonoma County Barrel Auction, as part of the event "pre-parties," I was lucky enough to tour and taste current release wines at Gary Farrell Winery and have dinner in the caves of Pride Mountain Winery. While we are usually on the retail side of the three tier system, we sometimes get to peek behind the curtain and visit with the winemakers that are producing these amazing wines. It turns out, to my surprise and delight, that we spent the entire day surrounded by some amazing female winemakers, which, it seems, is kind of rare.

Bruliam Wines

posted by Karen Orlandi on May 12, 2016 in Wineries

Bruliam Wines, besides the amazing wines that I will describe next, has a fun story. The co-owner and winemaker, Kerith Overstreet, was a surgical pathologist who married her La Jolla Country Day high school sweetheart. After having three kids, upon which the wine is named, the couple decided in 2008 that a change of career to vineyard farming and winemaking was the best for their family. The logo, reminiscent of a periodic table element, is a nod to Kerith's studies of organic chemistry in the medical field.

Demand Is Up At The Second Annual Sonoma County Barrel Auction

posted by Karen Orlandi on May 4, 2016 in Aabalatisms

This past weekend we had the pleasure of attending the second annual Sonoma County Barrel Auction, which benefits the Sonoma County Vintners Association and showcases Sonoma County wines. This event offers "never before, never again" wines. Several of the wines offered are truly unique - a blend or a barrel that is unlike others the winery sells. But others are just a specific barrel selection of a wine the winery already makes and sells to the public. All of the bottles sold have a special SoCo barrel auction label that make it unique from anything else in the world.

Delectus Winery

posted by Karen Orlandi on March 23, 2016 in Wineries

Yesterday Bob and I had the rare opportunity to sit down with winemaker and co-owner Gerhard Reisacher of Delectus Winery for the entire day. An El Nino storm was in full effect, so we chose to find shelter inside the Saint Helena tasting room rather than walk the slippery, steep vineyard. Over delicious wine and cheese we learned a lot about Gerhard and Delectus.


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