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Ten Tips for Investing in Fine Wine

There are several books and thousands of articles dedicated to the subject of wine investing, but if I were to boil down the "Cliff's Notes" version of the top ten things you should consider when investing in wine it would be the following:

1. Do plenty of research before investing - read critic reviews, seek advice from seasoned wine merchants and understand historical returns
2. Buying wine futures, as close to the opening price as possible, can maximize your investment
3. The best returns often come from wineries with the best reputation and scores, which usually requires the highest initial investment
4. Buying unmixed, sealed cases in original wood (OWC) will be worth the most
5. Make sure you know the provenance and storage history of any wine you buy
6. Deal only with established and reputable merchants for buying and selling
7. Don't forget to include your cost to hold the wine for 5+ years when estimating your returns
8. Pay for professional storage if you don't have proper storage conditions at home
9. Take out insurance at your wine's market price rather than the price you paid for it
10. If your wine vintage did not make headlines, consider selling at an anniversary milestone year to maximize your return

If you would like to know more about wine investing, please visit the Aabalat website at www.aabalat.com, or contact one of our investing specialists at (707) 781-0619.