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Aabalat Atop the Golden Gate Bridge

Sometimes we need to get out of the office. We're an internet company, so the majority of our time is spent with florescent lights and computer screens. But not on this day. Today Pete and I were invited to a special tour of the north tower of the Golden Gate Bridge.

It was a gorgeous day, as you can see from the picture. We were so excited to have this opportunity. Growing up in the bay area we crossed this bridge hundreds of times, but we've never seen the inner workings. Did you know that to get to the top of the tower one must climb into a 3'x3' elevator with two other large people squeezed in there with you? Once on the top of the tower, after the gale force winds and bright sunlight greeted us, we were absolutely in awe. It was breathtaking. Almost an out-of-body experience. I'm not going to attempt to downplay my healthy fear of heights, but the views and the experience were well worth it. In fact, the only thing that could have possible been better would have been to have a glass of fine wine in my hand as I enjoyed the panorama. What a memorable company outing.