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Half Bottles - The Perfect Size

For many, half bottles are the perfect bottle size. They are great for enjoying fine wine at dinner and for giving as gifts.

With roughly two glasses of wine in each bottle, there is plenty for one or two people to enjoy. The smaller size (375-ml) suits many people who aren't able to finish a standard 750-ml bottle in a single sitting, which is critical to enjoying a fine wine. Or, as we like to do, you can use half bottles as a way to sample several different wines from around the world at one time.

Likewise, half bottles also make the perfect gift for your family or friends. You can share the world's finest wines at a more reasonable price, typically about half the price for half the volume of a standard 750-ml bottle. Their small size also make them more convenient when passing out to party guests or stuffing in a stocking.

We have a large selection from which you can choose, including well-known labels from Champagne, Bordeaux, Burgundy, and Sauternes. A sample of our half-bottle inventory is below and you can view a full list of our half-bottle inventory here. If you are a fine wine enthusiast, you are sure to find lots of great options.

We really enjoy them and we hope you do too!